From Top Cat in the g8southeast list. Top Cat has sent a text that looks it was written in 2003, together with his additions; this is a compendium of both together with my comment.

Indymedia Gathering

The indymedia gathering for G8 was Saturday and Sunday, but I could not go any of those days. However I was able to attend at least the final party.

Music Industry and Politics. I

I very much liked and enjoyed the talk from the lady from the music industry in this Country. From a children’s play:

– I see, I see
– what do you see?
– I see a thing
– And what thing is that?


I can start and never stop. I have to choose yet another theme for my last article for my ‘journalism’ teacher. I had a list of possible subjects, but last Friday I could only remember the G8. He is great in distorting what people say, at least what I tell him – will it be this why he is a ‘good journalist’?


I have finally found a Christian group in this anarchist mare-magnum…