Palestine tourist III

First Thursday

I visited the Tower of David today. It has a good reputation because I has a museum of history of the city inside, since its creation until ‘now’.

Inside the museum there are various interesting things. The history of the city is divided into various rooms, each one covering a period of that history, with placards, drawings, videos… going through the various rooms following a route designed to look like a game of clues among the stones and ramparts.

Jerusalem tourist

First Monday
The outside noise and light wake me up at around seven in the morning. When I go out to buy some breakfast, there is only one shop open. The street does not look the same without its shops. On the square next to the wall gate there are more cars than I remember that were yesterday. There is a little man with a trolley, selling bread.

Palestine. Arrival

It was around 5 in the morning when l arrived at Tel Aviv airport. I had a small scary moment thinking that they had lost my suitcase, because it so happens that, although they announce that the suitcases of the flight from London should be found on tape 7, it only applies if that flight is of the Israeli company, but they won’t say this.