Indymedia Gathering

The indymedia gathering for G8 was Saturday and Sunday, but I could not go any of those days. However I was able to attend at least the final party.


The human being does not wish to make the same mistake twice, it wishes to learn from mistakes, mainly in order to not suffer so much.

This is why processes, instructions, norms are created. They should be drafted by people who have been in that given situation and have learned from it. Instructions and norms tend to turn into structures, which are almos always hierarchical.

They are primarily defence mechanisms to face a situacion that has given negative results in the past. They are not opression mechanisms as such.

Dissertation Proposal. Indymedia

I have been involved in this website for some time. Quite a few academic researchers have attempted to analyse it, but on the one hand, much of their efforts went into understanding the dynamics of how it works, and on the other hand, inevitably their analyses were limited to an external vision and whatever glimpse they could get from interviews with volunteers. I would like to analyse it from the inside, which is something that has not been done so far and would be very useful for indymedia volunteers.

Argentinan Films

I stayed in London today, first I went to class and then to RampART. In principle the intention was only to watch a film of which I liked the title, "The eye of the storm".