It is 2006. Some of my friends have broadband at home, but most of us are still using dial-up. The first time I came across broadband was in a privileged squat. They had managed to hold the house for about a decade. Different generations of squatters, but stable enough to think about long term commitments. They, too, were managing with a dial-up connection.

“Who is using the internet!”

Sexism in Palestine

M. tells us that there is a huge respect in Palestine and other countries for “internationals” like us, who, M. says, leave “the comforts from your homes, your education, your work, your families, to come here and suffer with us”. He also says that he feels a lot of respect for all the martyrs, but that he feels a very special respect for Rachel [Corrie, the girl from the USA that was killed while trying to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home by Israeli bulldozers] and Tom [Hurndall, the boy from the UK who was killed while he was trying to protect some small Palestinian girls]. M. looks away and I get the impression that he got to know them both.