It is 2006. Some of my friends have broadband at home, but most of us are still using dial-up. The first time I came across broadband was in a privileged squat. They had managed to hold the house for about a decade. Different generations of squatters, but stable enough to think about long term commitments. They, too, were managing with a dial-up connection.

“Who is using the internet!”

Shouts up and down the stairs.

“Me! It won’t be a minute!”

“Come on, I’ve been waiting to make this call for hours”

It was all so frustrating, and so often, they decided to look into it and they were the first ones I saw enjoying – and sharing, with me among others – the pleasure of being able to use the internet from different computers, and still make phonecalls. Which was a necessity already, especially when house- sharing.

It is my turn today. I have been using dial-up for about six years. I have even been able to transfer my dial-up account from my previous address to this one. Five pounds a month, and I can use as much internet as I need from ten in the night til eight in the morning. It has been enough for the last five years, in four different addresses. But now I house share with another four – and I work nights.

So, after convincing the house to chip in, it is so exciting. No more browsing only in the night time any more. And no more cutting off the connection to let some one else use the phone line.

This is exciting. Yes, it is 2006.