Latin wrap-up

We dedicated the morning to publish the many pictures that my friend the photographer had taken, of course together with the text drafted by Eleuterio and others. It is my task to translate it! Well, for now you can enjoy the pictures here. I took some pictures myself, but they look so crap compared to Guy’s, it would be shameful to publish them together.

CIPO in London

Last day /evening of talks for Ana as translator, for now. I tried to take some pictures, and also asked a friend to take some for me, but well… it is a bit difficult when you are intending to take a picture with lots of people but you don’t want to show any face in particular. And, in any case, I had to be alert for my turn to go out and speak, rather than study the best position for a picture.

CIPO in Brighton

Another day travelling, but this time it was Brighton. Elizabeth has already returned to Mexico, which was quite disappointing because I thought she would return today. But, her visa has run out, and travelling with a scale in Madrid was cheaper so she had to leave today. So we did the chat with Eleuterio only, with me translating as it is (or feels) the custom already.

CIPO in Nottingham

Today we went to Nottingham to give a similar talk to the one yesterday. Again, it was unexpected that I would join them, this time the translator they had booked felt unwell and I was at hand.

We spent 3 hours in a car, under the snow, wondering if we would get more than five people tonight, because this event was only confirmed a week before.


I’ve been thinking a lot before begining this because – I have enough problems with my fingers to start suffering more with no need. But today, something happened that took me here.