I acquired a big bunch of books thanks to FreeCycle and, although I did read most of them, I admit the more boring-looking ones stayed unopened in the bottom of the shelfs.

Months later, one of such forgotten books caught my attention as I attempted a clear-out. I realised it was a hand-written diary, titled simply “Anathemas”. I first thought that this could be the diary of the person who had given me the stack of books. So I figured that the correct thing to do would be to contact the person and give him back his diary.

However since I had long lost the address of the generous freecycler and had no way to take the hand written book to its original owner. Then I thought that the freecycling person might not have the been original owner nor the author of such diary. I had no way to contact him so I could not know this.

But since he had shown so little attachment to the diary, I decided it was possible that this person may have inherited the diary himself.

In any case, I began to read the diary and found it so fascinating, I decided to share its contents rather than keep the enjoyment for myself.

So here it is, and I shall paste the contents of the unknown diary here as I read them. I hope you enjoy as much as me.