There seems to be some kind of clash between Dissent! people and these Christians… I see more a cultural clash than anything else. It is not easy to simply start working on a consensus based structure with no structure whatsoever, specially if you come from a hierarchical background – which we all do.

Irreverent thoughts

Bush and Blair have praised the Pope once he has died. But they were not ‘inspired’ by John Paul II when he was strongly opposing the invasion of Iraq.

More news

It’s getting to be a bit of a pain; all the media, tv, radio and newspapers, flooded with the death of a man who, according to one of the nuns at my catholic school, was so Christian and as catholic as I.


The Pope has died, Spanish national television announces, at 21,37 today. I look at the clock on the wall and it is 10 past 10. What have then been doing all this time then, I wonder?


Like in smaller towns, men sit at the very end of the church. The women scatter about in the reminder of the church – women have always outnumbered men in churches.


In the church, the brothers of the brotherhood, and a sister – one single woman in the place of the privileged, there, next to the priest, to a side of the altar, as it is suitable for the most ever exemplary citizens. It is surely a coincidence that they are all owners of companies or councillors.