It’s getting to be a bit of a pain; all the media, tv, radio and newspapers, flooded with the death of a man who, according to one of the nuns at my catholic school, was so Christian and as catholic as I.

I have been on the verge of calling one of those programs that speak about his figure, his legacy, his successes and failures… to say that in England for example they have not even started to apply Vatican Council II, and that during the Council discussions, this Pope who was not still a pope was one of his most fervent reactionary… but I have not done it. Not only because it is to play the power’s game, but because I doubt that it would have contributed to the good of anybody. Would my voice contribute to improve someone’s life?

In the best of cases it would have served to praise the people of Biscay who dedicated so many hours during so many months to participate in something called the Diocesan Assembly of the Church of Biscay and which, as far as I understood, was what made many reforms in the laity possible, in agreement with the aforesaid Council. This Assembly performed a kind of modernisation without precedent, and it created structures of participation which have facilitated evangelisation enourmously. However, as we know, the church hierarchy has made fun of these structures and new procedures of people’s participation by ignoring them, which I find disgusting. Without that Assembly perhaps I myself would not be a Christian now.