Last day /evening of talks for Ana as translator, for now. I tried to take some pictures, and also asked a friend to take some for me, but well… it is a bit difficult when you are intending to take a picture with lots of people but you don’t want to show any face in particular. And, in any case, I had to be alert for my turn to go out and speak, rather than study the best position for a picture.

I was also intending to record the chat but hey, this time some one has sorted the technicalities! The audio will be a lot better than mine; I only have to find the person who recorded it now, ha ha!

It was the fourth time I did the interpreting, and some people saw me today and last Sunday too. Most said I had done it really well. I should have, because I had a lot of practice by now! I also noticed that Eleuterio had avoided long composed names this time, although did not omit any of the dates. I have now learned to take notes of the dates and any long sentences. I have also learned that it is no crime to ask for clarification or repetition of things you do not understand or remembering, when interpreting.

Now I have committed myself to help him with the publication on indymedia, tomorrow morning. Probably over breakfast, because he has to leave pretty early…