The indymedia gathering for G8 was Saturday and Sunday, but I could not go any of those days. However I was able to attend at least the final party.

Like always, the best thing was to greet people with whom I have more or less worked at some point and who I had not seen for months. People have come from almost all over rich Europe, or at least that much I heard…

From what I gathered from each person who cared to tell me what I have missed, it has been one of the best meetings of alternative media people that has ever happened in Europe, where people have come with a clear objective, and in general with a very positive attitude. Although the initiative came from indymedia, the projects born in this gathering will not necessarily be called indymedia, including the media centre or the radios, where I guess I will get involved almost by defect. They have already decided they want a jingle of about 15 seconds, just with ‘G8’ said in as many languages as possible.

It looks like people do agree to the hiring of a community radio station there, for the G8 days. We are indeed lucky that AB* is involved in her local community radio station, and has built such good relationship. I was very weary of the idea at the beginning, now I think a lot better of it and after a conversation about it and knowing it is less than £300 I really think it is a good idea.

The most repeated idea was that there were lots, lots of people who, coming from so many places and so different, have connected immediately.