I very much liked and enjoyed the talk from the lady from the music industry in this Country. From a children’s play:

– I see, I see
– what do you see?
– I see a thing
– And what thing is that?

I see a SGAE coming upon this Country, speaking another language and being more reasonable probably, but quite similar to the “Sociedad General de Autores Españoles”. I can not write what this woman said in class because I don’t want SGAE to accuse me of copying their pages verbatim 😉

I need to say something good about Ben (name changed) and I will say it: yes he has agreed to me doing an article on G8. I still will be interviewing some one from the different groups and I guess he wants some one important. Well, I have some big name from WDM, and a woman who has written a book and was once interviewed on Radio 4 about how public libraries can possibly be run by private companies in a not-so-distant future.

I feel a bit foul with Tube Radio because the group had decided to cover the elections, and now I am told that no politicians have actually agreed to come to the studios this coming Sunday. So on the one hand I have the whole hour for myself and on the other, we are not doing them? I am told to concentrate on my shows because the political editor of the station does not really need to know.

So, I am left with news, mayday, precariat, and options to consider when an election is coming for my show on Sunday 7-8pm. Actually, this is a good line for the ad.