I have finally found a Christian group in this anarchist mare-magnum…

I was not going to the mobilisation in Scotland against the G8 for various reasons; the most important one is that I think they, the mobilisations, have already fulfilled their function, and we should to move on. This were some of the conclusions both by an authoritarian party that I refuse to name and by People’s Global Action, PGA.

But I might go now that there might be something to do in common with this Christian lot, even if it is only praying in the morning together. I will certainly feel the pressure to go away and share my media and journalistic skills, or at least help out with the media centre etc. if I finally go, so no I don’t see myself praying all day or doing strange rituals in front of the police. Not my thing.

In any case it is my belief that it is not the type of actions what should differentiate Christians. What unites us is not the kind of action we do but “from where” we do that action, what motivates us. The rest will be given as a plus.

As for legality of actions… Christianity itself would not have gone too far if the first Christian communities had cared about what was illegal in the early stages of the Church – being a Christian was illegal and would carry the death penalty during the Roman Empire!!

I think we should look at our actions thinking what Jesus would have thought about them, not what the current law says about them.

But this is only a pseudo intellectual rant that convinces no one 😉