Hospital 2

Every time I see L play with his mum’s mobile, I think of how different childhoods mine and the next generation’s are. I took me fifteen years to see a computer for the first time of my life, and a few more to see a mobile phone.

Hospital 1

M* and her son are lucky that she can afford to be with his child all day, although there is a high price to pay, not in money, for that luxury.


Last time I am interviewed by Caroline and Zara in the lunchtime show. Stayed for a few hours to cover the Studio Manager shift and, while doing so, M* calls from hospital because her son has had an asthma attack.

Tube 07

Last day of Tube Radio. Says O. that I have worked on the content quite well, and he is probably right; says Jose that a program like mine is un-swallow-able and he is probably more right.


Got the feedback of one of my assignments, the article on squatters.I didn’t describe any particular squat and that has played well against my mark.


Today I had to fight with a company which, as far as I am concerned, is quite nicely taking the piss out of us. I now realize that even in the companies that do not have the call centre/customer services on the other side of the planet, the departments are totally separated, specially those most in contact with the client: the one actually producing the service and the one receiving our complaints and tantrums.


Another day as a guest in the lunchtime show. There was an unusual jam near Victoria that made the bus journey double in time, so at one point I got to the tube… well, the advertisements were actually different from those I saw last time!

Indymedia Gathering

The indymedia gathering for G8 was Saturday and Sunday, but I could not go any of those days. However I was able to attend at least the final party.


Steal the poor. It is legal, and they can’t afford to shout.

Tube 05

Well well, the evangelising experience changed radically today. It is very gratifying when you evangelise and people seem receptive. I could even announce this website, No to software patents.