Last day of Tube Radio. Says O. that I have worked on the content quite well, and he is probably right; says Jose that a program like mine is un-swallow-able and he is probably more right.

I guess it is possible to improve the format and be more entertaining and put more music – and therefore less content – but I also think that conventional media have got us too used to infotainment (information as entertainment, or entertainment disguised as information). My show has been pure and plain information, general news in half an hour, general issues the other half – these were precariety and May Day protests, patents on software ideas, privatisation of public services, and international institutions. Not much music, and where there was some, it was either of political nature or Copy-left. Few borrowed speech pieces, too.

The worst has been to have lots of material and not enough time to broadcast it. I had material on squatting that I could not broadcast, as well as G8. I could not even start with nanotechnology.

Anyway, it was nice while it lasted and I’m sure there will be more radio adventures in other places – G8 is just round the corner.