Tube 08

Tube 08
Websites from where I got the news on Sunday’s show – roughly in order of appearance.

Media Guardian ; Corporate Watch ; Statewatch ; gato encerrado ; Barrapunto ; Indymedia; Amnesty International ; Friends of the Earth ; People and Planet.

Audios used in the show are on Indymedia Radio.

Audios IMF/WB

Today there was this lecture about international financial institutions in the Institute of Autonomy. So there I went after being, once more, studio manager in Tube Radio.

Audios 03

Here are the audios about privatisation of education and other public services in the UK – they call it private finance initiative, public private partnership… but all the interviewees know that it is privatisation.

Past work

Compilation of some of my work…

St. Agnes:
My canmasdeu:
Can Masdeu Feature: (not all is mine but the audio files are linked there)

Audios 01

I interviewed an anarchist today, explaining some reasons why not to vote. So far, I have these interviews…

* squatting
* patents (group discussion)
* pfi from teachers (to be completed on Saturday)
* vote/registration on the census – why vote, why not even register in the British census
* wdm – event on that night for fair trade and against free trade as we know it