Today there was this lecture about international financial institutions in the Institute of Autonomy. So there I went after being, once more, studio manager in Tube Radio.

Best not to talk about the memory blanks, but as I didn’t have my minidisk with me I had to borrow O’s video camera and, contrary to what he says, the sound quality is not the same.

In any case, the audios, in .ogg format, are already here:

There are a few phrases in Spanish, translated, in the last two files, and even though the translation loses ‘flavour’, as usual, I think it is one of the best bits of the whole lot – but then it might be because they are said in my language… It may sound obvious for an activist, but it is not frequent to hear, on a recording, things like “the model doesn’t work” or “going against the bank means people dead, injured”…