I have just finished the program. It has not been bad at all, at least it has been a lot better than last week… you always learn. For now, this is what I can say I should have learnt…:

* start to work right after the end of the previous program
* prepare a countdown, with partial deadlines.
* each morning, when you don’t need to go anywhere and have the whole day to work, get up and just do whatever you feel like doing. Specially if what you feel like doing is editing audio stuff. Don’d force yourself to have breakfast if audio editing fills you better.
* measure all you have, once you have edited it down and see if you need more audio. Don’t just go and record as much as you can just because you can do it, because it may happen that you find yourself with too much audio that you don’t know where or how to fit.
* rehearse in real time before going live.

As promised during the program, audio from my programs should be available. What I say live is not that vital, it is only a introduction or explanation of the pre-recorded material, but the pieces and features are worth it. I will add links if I manage to upload stuff to radio.indymedia.org, but people can always click on ‘comment’; I get sent an email for every comment; that way passing of audio can be arranged.

I still should download some RiotFolk stuff.