When I first arrived in London, Angel was the first area where I lived – or, as I have heard from some old londoners, and read in “Oliver Twist”, by Dickens, “The Angel”. I actually stayed there for quite long, one and a half years, which is my current record in one address. I remember this big green that was surrounded by a high wall. Every time I returned from Chapel Market, I would see this graffiti on the wall:


Some from one of the hacklabs from Madrid has come to London and I saw him today, because I have not forgotten how hard the first days in London were, when I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know anyone, and I was desperate to talk to some one, happy to talk even in English.

The co-op where I live

Today I did some of the work I am supposed to do for my housing co-op. A housing co-op is a legal association that owns and/or manages houses or flats in order to provide its members with decent housing. So the members are tenants of the Association, and the Association owns the houses, so in effect the members are owners or at least manage their own housing.