The camera was focused on the centre of the room, where the girls were. The adults were looking at the scene, enchanted. The older girl with her little pink dress, doing her pranks. The small just one little baby, she looked at her sister with admiration and probably with envy, because in a moment when the older one prepared to jump on to the stool, there jumped the small one, stealing the limelight without trying.

The older one did not seem to mind, and she stood there looking at her like the rest of the audience.

By then only the small princess existed for the camera . And the camera man, in a moment of panic, remembered that his job was to focus on the two of them.

He rewound, and saw, relieved, that, although the human eye had only recorded the small girl being a small girl, the camera had recorded everything.

He wanted to explain his panic and let the girls see the recorded images. The small one could not listen, she remained in the stool being the centre of attention.

I am going to tell you what has happened with brutal honesty, girl, you deserve it and it is better that I explain it to you than you should realise in a worse way. There you are monkeing around, being a girl, and you are the queen. But then comes your little sister and she takes the stool from you. And from that moment, you may be the queen, and you are, you are the queen of the place, but your sister is the princess. And in this society, my dear, the grown-up people prefer princesses.