This came from Germany:


We were wondering the other day, where are all those people that must exist in London, who are interested in Free Software but are not in the hacklab… well, there they are, organising quizzes in pubs where beer is cheap despite being in central London.

For some reason that for the moment I can not comprehend, hacklabs in the South of Europe mix politics and technologies successfully. For some reason, this is not working out well in London. Or at least it is working out weird. We had not even heard about those groups in the links, and I don’t think they have heard of us either… people go about their own business, politics are done without thinking too much politics… it seems to me that this goes well in line with what happens in other semi-political spaces around here.

In the sense that, in the North, people do, and do, and think very little and reflect even less, and in the South we tend to overdo with philosophy. And just this once that we had tried to mix both… we had not even started and it was already divided, or else look at the page!

In various people’s opinions, there are 2 separate hacklabs, one for mere geeks and the other one as a political project.

The worst of all is having this feeling that something is not right and not being able to explain what.