We were told on Friday that we should attend something important, a workshop, on Monday.

I got very angry because Edward (name changed), one of the teachers, had received the email in which ‘we’ were notified that we had to attend as early as Thursday, and because it seemed to me that this was about dictating to us what to do and what not to do with political content, but hey, as always, after all the noise I made, I turned up there.

Later I realised that being there was a ‘bonus’, because the said event was aimed at “community radio stations”, and I do not think that Tube can be included in this category. The thing is that Edward is very involved, in theory, with community radio and I imagine that for that reason they would send the email to him.

In summary, I met very nice people from ResonanceFm, where of course I am known as ana from indymedia, and I also met people from the community radio based in Peckam, where of course it will get involved when I finish Uni, and here is this writing so that I can be held accountable if I do not get involved there.

The event was a scenification of the marketing organized by some official office that are working to encourage people to vote.

As I was listening to the guy’s figures of the last elections turnout, I thought, what desperate move, to keep going, they just can not afford to admit that the current democratic system is not working, that no one sees any meaning in voting whatsoever, they just need to keep the system going and get more people to vote go keep some legitimacy… I am glad people who were not me pointed out the fact that not voting is a political statement in itself to which, by the way, we do also we have the right.

At the end of the said event, the guy from the BBC presented us with a quiz where we had to guess to what election each of the electoral posters that he displayed belonged to. Of course, out of about 30 posters I only guessed two. This is the difference it makes not be in your country. If that game had been done with posters from Spain, or from the Basque Country… of course I would have guessed them all, specially because the number of elections of my native countries is so low… compared with that of the United Kingdom, at least…