Not long ago, a friend explained to me the fact that, although technology nowadays allows to transfer my recorded two hours from my minidisk on to the computer in 20 seconds, the corporations that make such technology do not want to allow anyone to do this.

They do allow to do this with mp3 files with a serial number, or something like that. They do this in order to follow that file – which is generally a strongly copyrighted song – throughout your music deivdes. But your own creations, your two hours discussion or the fifteen minutes you take out clean once edited down, are not valuable enough for these corporations to allow you to manage them with the comfort their technology allows.

So here we are, recording the two-hour conversation in real time – i.e. two hours – even if we call the minidisk “digital”.

What corporations are those? Look at the brand names of your minidisk player, or your photo camera, or practically any electronic device … there are not that many brands anyway.